Reseller Proposition

Reseller Proposition
Reseller Proposition

What becoming a VoIP reseller can do for you

Becoming a VoIP reseller will increase your profits, grow your client base, and make existing customers happier.

More and more businesses are working remotely and globally. VoIP is one of the most in-demand business utilities in the world with a $183.7 billion global market size predicted by 2027.

Whether you are looking to increase your available services or become your own boss, our VoIP reseller proposition gives you a low-risk, low-cost solution.

What we give you

We give you the means to sell profitable high quality, telephone services to your customers at competitive prices.

You make money from the initial sale of equipment and installation services and, more importantly, you earn money every month from your customers’ continuing service charges.

Your customers will stay loyal because they like the service and because they appreciate the benefits it brings them. Our customer retention rate is over 97% and we do not need to trap customers into long-term contracts.

Why Be a VoIP Reseller?

VoIP telephony is a fast-growing market.

It gives companies greater versatility, big savings, and better control over their telecoms.

By utilising internet protocol, companies can save around 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls.

2020 proved businesses need to be able to rapidly adapt. VoIP achieves that for them

It's time for your business to start selling VoIP and move your customer over to the technology of the future.

Our VoIP reseller service gets you there.

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What about the competition?

Yes - there is competition but most of the big players have come from the traditional world of telecoms with the same old disrespect for customers and same old “pile it high, sell it cheap” philosophy. We are slowly eating their lunch.


Working with us as a VoIP reseller is easy and low-risk. You do not need any special technical skills, you do not need any special equipment and you do not need to keep any stock. You only have to know how to sell and how to serve customers.

Ready to be a VIP VoIP Reseller?

Working with us is easy and low-risk. You only have to know how to sell and how to serve
customers. Contact our sales team to get started.

How we’re different


  • You own your customer relationships – we stay behind the scenes
  • You can apply your own branding to all the customer-facing parts of the platform
  • No investment needed and no minimum sales targets
  • Set your own pricing policies and retail call rates –and customise them for individual customers
  • Fast, responsive technical support – you will never speak to a robot
  • Pre-sales consultancy from one of our experts
  • Bespoke interfaces integrate with your customers’ business applications
  • You do not have to tie your customers into long-term contracts. They won’t want to leave anyway!
  • Our experience – we have been supplying VoIP solutions since 2007 – we honed our platform so that it can meet all possible requirements with minimum maintenance and support
  • We have an enviable customer retention rate of 97% year-on-year, and we work very hard with you to keep it that way.

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