VIP VoIP Auto-Attendant – a simple IVR solution

VIP VoIP Auto-Attendant – a simple IVR solution
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A VIP VoIP Auto-Attendant (also known as the digital receptionist) is a voice menu that answers incoming calls and directs the caller to the right extension without the need for a human operator. This could be something like “Thank you for calling VIP VoIP. Press 1 for customer service, press 2 to make a sales inquiry or press 3 for our accounts team”.

The Auto-Attendant feature can be linked with hunt groups and call queues to enable for complex behaviors. In these situations, for example, the caller could be passed down a chain of predetermined call groups until the call is answered or could be placed into the relevant department’s call queue, depending on the choices made. An Auto-Attendant can also allow a caller to choose informational recorded messages, such as a company’s opening times, or direct the caller to a voicemail if their required destination unavailable.

Auto-attendant is a standard built-in feature that is very easy to set up. All you have to do is record a personalised greeting message detailing the options available and tell your VIP VoIP representative what should happen when each option is pressed. Of course, this is a simple process we would guide you through from start to finish.

Auto-Attendant benefits

Having an Auto-Attendant as part of your business’ phone system is very useful and has many benefits:

  • It simplifies the incoming call procedures and provides a better call experience for your clients.
  • It’s cost-effective; it replaces the need of a human operator and saves you money.
  • It makes your business look more professional.
  • It can be customised to play different messages for different hours during the day, such as customised messages for out of working hours or during holidays.
  • It helps to handle high volumes of incoming calls faster by routing the call to the right destination quickly and efficiently.

If you have more questions about this feature or you’re ready to set one up on your system, we can help! Just give us a call on 0330 088 1182 or send us an email to

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