Solve Your Telephone Problem

Solve Your Telephone Problem

Business Phone Systems that work!

No Lengthy Contracts

We don’t believe we need to tie our customers down in to lengthy contracts to keep them with us, our services speak for themselves. You can sign up to our hosted VoIP services and leave them whenever you want. It’s like a trial period with no end. You can use the services till you get comfortable and if you find they are not working for your business you simply stop using our services with no hard sell to keep you on. 

No Setup Fee or Product Commitment

Still on the trait of not tying our customers down, we don’t charge a set up free or make you use our hardware. This is once again to allow you to try out our services and find the right fit for you. We also encourage our users to use existing phone hardware as it means they will be already familiar with it, allowing quick set up, and it means you don’t have to spend that extra money on hardware to get your VoIP system up and running. 

24 Hour Support

We supply phones around the world in different time zones so we make sure our clients have access to our dedicated support team 24 hours a day. We know that problems don’t always occur in the nine to five so we plan for out of hours help because it’s normally when you need it most.

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Cloud Phone Systems

The Full Package. We lead you through the full installation, maintenance and upgrades. You get help to find the perfect service for your business with the right features at the right price. We can offer full personalisation and can supply all the hardware and software you need for your telephone systems. 

Virtual & Marketing Landlines

Give your customers trust in your company with a landline number which can receive calls to any mobile phone, landline or computer VoIP system. A great option for online businesses or those with no business premises. Make your business visible at a local or national level. Can also be used to target specific geographical areas or to see how successful an advertising campaign is.

Virtual Conference Calls

Join one of our virtual conference rooms to have a meeting with colleagues and clients around the world. An easy solution to cut transport and communication costs with excellent call quality. 


Bill Jackson

I am a telecommunications entrepreneur with rich experience in voice-over-internet (VoIP) business telephone services. I am on a mission to bring the benefits and versatility of VoIP solutions to even more business customers throughout the UK and beyond.

My business philosophy is to offer a completely risk-free buying experience with impeccable customer service at a competitive price.

We don't do minimum-term contracts. We let customers try before they buy and we have a simple "solve it here and now" attitude when people call us.

Mathew Dale

I am a tech entrepreneur and telecommunication expert with a focus on providing the best solutions for my customers.  I am enthusiastic in partnering my knowledge of IT systems with VoIP communication to get the best resources for our clients so they can grow.

I like to problem solve and accept any challenge our customers come to us with. I am also fanatical about showing resellers and end users that there are savings to be had by switching to VoIP.