Business Continuity And VoIP

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Business Continuity And VoIP
Business Continuity And VoIP
19th February 2020 Business,Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

  A hot topic for all businesses is what happens when something goes wrong? Power cuts, flood damage, and other disasters can be very costly and as a VoIP reseller, you are bound to be asked about business continuity and VoIP. Using VoIP In Power Cuts We’ve all been there, you are in the middle
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Staying Safe Online With VoIP
Staying Safe Online With VoIP
11th February 2020 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Although internet safety is a lot better than it used to be (It’s Safer Internet Day on 11th Feb) in the olden days of dial-up modems, there are still online dangers that people and children can face. The technology used for VoIP gives you a bit more protect and means you are staying safe
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VoIP Marketing Growth
The Growth Of The VoIP Market
4th February 2020 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

It is certainly safe to say VoIP has changed since it was first used and it’s even safer to say it looks like it will be the number one communications platform for many years to come. Let’s take a look at the growth of the VoIP Market When Did VoIP Begin? Although technically the first
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Does voip keep my data private
Does VoIP Keep My Data Private?
29th January 2020 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

  The 28th January is Data Privacy Day and we thought it would be a good time to answer one of the questions you are always going to get asked as a VoIP reseller, does VoIP keep my data private? Network Protection VoIP data is just as important as other data that goes in and
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Are traditional landline phones a thing of the past
Are Traditional Landline Phones A Thing Of The Past?
21st January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Bearing in mind it was announced in 2015 with little fanfare, you will probably be surprised to know that BT are going to switch off all of their ISDN phone lines by 2025! Fear not though, in this blog will explain what is going to happen and answer the question; Are traditional landline phones
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Can voip help you to be organised
Can VoIP Help You To Be Organised?
14th January 2020 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Monday was National Tidy Your Desk Day and Tuesday the 14th January is Organise Your Home Day, so we thought it would be as good a time as any to tell you how VoIP can help you to be organised. VoIP Call Handling Traditional phone lines are fine for domestic usage, but for businesses
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voip in the 2020s
VoIP In The 2020s
7th January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Happy New Year everybody, it is a brand-new decade and it promises to be an interesting one for the communications and technology sector. Let’s get our crystal ball out and have a look at what is in store for VoIP in the 2020s. The Rollout Of 5G Technology We wrote about the benefits and
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VIP VoIP New Year Message
VIP VoIP New Year’s Message 2019
31st December 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

Well that decade went quickly didn’t it? We hope that you have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and that the start of 2020 finds you still in a haze of festive relaxation. The team at VIP VoIP like to spend New Year’s Eve at a club dancing until 2am…who are we kidding, we like
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Vip VoIP Christmas Message
VIP VoIP Christmas Message 2019
24th December 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

We know it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago we were all basking in one of the UK’s brief and rare heatwaves, but yes Christmas Day is almost upon us. We don’t know about you, but here at VIP VoIP we like to have all of our Christmas shopping and preparation done and dusted by
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Why Choose VIP VoIP
Why Choose VIP VoIP?
10th December 2019 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  We have written extensively over the past few months about the many positive and innovative ways in which VoIP is and can be used to benefit businesses, but not so much about us! So, this week we thought we would give you some of our history, how we operate and answer the question; Why
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