International Internet Day: VoIP And The Internet

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international internet day
International Internet Day: VoIP And The Internet
28th October 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

It is International Internet day on the 29th October, so we thought we would take some time this week to look at the history of VoIP and the internet. How Old Is VoIP? It would be easy to assume that VoIP is as old as the internet, but it is actually much older than you

Things a voip reseller needs to know
Things A VoIP Reseller Needs To Know
25th October 2019 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

  VOIP is increasingly becoming the number one choice for business communication solutions, so now is a good time to pass on our top things A VoIP Reseller needs to know. VoIP Usage It isn’t only in the UK that VoIP is popular, it is popular globally. Indeed it has been reported that VoIP is

VoIP Development October 2019
The Latest VoIP Developments: October 2019
21st October 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

As a VoIP reseller it is important that you keep up to date with any changes in the world of VoIP. As with any other technology, VoIP developments happen regularly and keeping up to date with them will help you as either a VoIP reseller or a savvy consumer. VoIP Android Hacks We previously wrote

VoIP Bug & The Implications
9th October 2019 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

It is not often that you see VoIP in the news headlines, but this week there was lots of talk about a potential security issue with a particular handset. So, let’s have a detailed look at the reported VoIP bug & the implications it may have. What Is The VoIP Bug? There is a very

Misconceptions about voip
Misconceptions About VoIP
30th September 2019 Business,End User Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

As a VoIP reseller, we are sure that you will be asked a plethora of different questions about VoIP. Some will be more technical than others, so, this week we would debunk some popular VoIP misconceptions about VoIP systems and technology. Broadband Isn’t As Reliable As Landline This is one thing that companies often mention,

Whats the difference between cloud based phones and voip
What’s The Difference Between Cloud Based Phones and VoIP?
22nd September 2019 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

People quite often think that cloud-based phones and VoIP are the same thing. Or completely different. Or not sure what they are. So, one of the questions you may be asked as a VoIP reseller is, what’s the difference between cloud-based phones and VoIP? A Little Bit Of VoIP History Surprisingly enough the first VoIP

VoIP Mobile Apps
VoIP Mobile Apps
11th September 2019 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  In this blog, we’re going to focus on VoIP mobile apps and how they can benefit yourself and your business. Today, there is an app for everything. Mobile apps are a huge part of our personal and professional lives. We use them for everything, from booking holidays and exercising to keeping on top of

VoIP Systems for Schools
VoIP Systems For Schools
6th September 2019 Business,Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

As a VoIP reseller it is easy to focus on trying to sell to big businesses, but it’s important to consider other people and organisations, especially the opportunities in selling VoIP systems for schools. Schools are increasingly looking to switch to VoIP so this week we are going to look at the benefits of VoIP

Normal phone with voip
Can You Use a Normal Phone with VoIP?
30th August 2019 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol takes analogue voice signals, converting them into digital signals, then sending them as data via your broadband. It is a fast and flexible telephony solution and in fact, you can use a normal phone with VoIP. To do this, however, you must have the right supporting equipment that

Latest VoIP News August
Latest VoIP News: August 2019
24th August 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  The world of VoIP and business telephony is fast-moving and constantly evolving, against a background of general technical change in the world of communications. Here we look at the latest VoIP news, and what developments there are on the horizon. 5G and VoIP Currently, smartphones and mobile devices are in the forefront of technological