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The Big Switch Off
22nd July 2022 Business Ovandi Rajaguru

For the last five years, BT has been warning businesses and householders about the “the big switch off” of traditional telephone lines which will happen in 2025. What does it mean? and should you be worried? BT will switch off all analogue and ISDN telephone lines in the UK by the end of 2025, with
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Simple IVR Solution
VIP Minutes
14th July 2022 News,VIPVoIP Ovandi Rajaguru

  One of the benefits your customers can enjoy on the VIP network is VIP Minutes! This means any calls made between customers on our network is absolutely free. This is a great marketing tool for gaining customers through word of mouth.

VIP VoIP call popping
Call popping on Tyresoft (an automotive industry software)
27th May 2022 Business,VIPVoIP Ovandi Rajaguru

  We have recently been working with to bring call popping to users of VIP VoIP phone systems, and users of Tyresoft, which is an automotive industry software. We can enable call popping with many third-party software packages through our flexible desktop software, of which Tyresoft is only the most recent. You can find
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VoIP video calling
VoIP Vs Video Calling: Which Is Better?
25th June 2021 Business,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

During the pandemic, not many businesses profited as much as those that provide video conferencing. Overnight millions of us were forced to work from home. This sudden departure from business as usual created a lot of opportunities and challenges for the telecoms and IT industries as everyone scrambled to make it possible and data compliant
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Graphic of people checking the latest telecommunications round-up
Telecommunication Round-up
9th June 2021 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

Telecommunications take in a broad range of communications media, providing users with many different options. These options are transforming how we work, shop, spend our leisure time and, generally, how we live. As this technology keeps changing and advancing, it’s vital to keep up to date with the latest developments in telecommunications. Here’s our round-up
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Some one looking for Questions To Ask When Looking For A VoIP Provider
Questions To Ask When Looking For A VoIP Provider
12th May 2021 VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

If you are a Reseller and you are looking for a VoIP Provider it can be a bit of a minefield finding a first-class telephone system supplier. You need to work with strategic partners who can supply superior equipment at prices you can afford and with the technology to meet your client demands. Here at
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Row of houses that show they have business landline at home.
Getting a Business Landline at Home
30th April 2021 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

Geography isn’t what it used to be. The modern business landline is extremely versatile, and you don’t have to tie it to a single, fixed, physical location. What’s the benefit to you? It means you can use your dedicated business phone number anywhere, and this makes the whole issue of getting a business landline at
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Different types of business landlines shown with two phones & a question mark.
Different Types of Business Landlines
12th April 2021 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

Different Types of Business Landlines   Knowing which type of business landline to choose can present you with a bit of a puzzle to solve. In the past this was pretty straightforward: you had a business landline that was on-premises and came through the traditional private branch exchange (PBX).   Now, however, you’re no longer
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Image showing a business man thinking 'How Do I Start a VoIP Business?' stood next to a phone
How Do I Start a VoIP Business?
22nd March 2021 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

How Do I Start a VoIP Business?   The UK economy is poised to leave lockdown, and while many businesses have felt the economic impact of the past 12 months, there is room for opportunity in the future. One such opportunity is starting a VoIP business.   Why VoIP? Voice over internet protocol offers many
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Illustration of two hands shaking above a contract to create a deal for business VoIP.
Becoming a Business VoIP Provider
9th March 2021 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

As an authorised reseller, you become a business VoIP provider, and this is the perfect opportunity to either launch your own enterprise, or add new services to your portfolio.   Becoming a VIP VoIP reseller gives you the best of both worlds:   You get all the technical support you need and the means to
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