Industry Specific Solutions

Industry Specific Solutions
Industry Specific Solutions

Industry Specific Solutions

Find out about some of the industry specific services we have offered to our clients. We can provide a superior business VoIP UK package but also can help with communication abroad. As a company that specialises in personalisation for our clients there isn't any challenge we would shy away from. Let us discuss your needs and find the right solution for your business.

Call Centres Phone Systems

Endless features that work with every call centre situation


Care Home Phone Systems

Endless features that work with every care home situation


Legal Practice Systems

Deep integrations with leading legal practice software.


Taxi Operators VoIP System

Endless features for taxi operators and integrated with most booking platforms


Manage Service Providers

Deep integrations with leading PSA software.


Providing VoIP Resellers with Industry Specific Solutions is a service we are incredibly proud of, here at VIP VoIP.
Our superior service provides both U.K and internationally based businesses telephone facilities that rival the absolute best the industry can offer.
And because we can work to customer’s personal requirements, as a reseller you are guaranteed a VoIP system for your client that not only improves their business communication but can be tailor-made to their specification.
VIP VoIP takes pride in supplying telephone systems to Resellers who can then sell the end product on to specific industries where needs can vary, and communication is paramount to the success of the business.

VIP VoIP Exclusive Technology

When you are a VIP VoIP Reseller, you are guaranteed access to an exclusive technology that will provide all the features you will need to ensure your clients are getting the best VoIP systems available. The calls your clients will be able to make and receive are the fastest, and of superior sound quality, anywhere on the internet, whilst the equipment we offer is second to none for build and design quality.  When your client buys a VoIP telephony system with your company branding, you can be sure you are supplying a system that not only takes all the industry-specific details into account but will also be purchasing first-class facilities that underpin their communication network. Using our industry knowledge and expertise, we can create tailor-made features for almost any specific industry.

Booking Platforms

Our VIP VoIP telephone answering systems can be integrated into a wide variety of industry-specific requirements, including booking platforms for taxi services. This means you can supply your client with a system that has a built-in call popping interface that connects to your booking system quickly and effectively. In addition, you could supply unlimited call channels with ONE telephone line but with as many telephone numbers as your need!

Family Connections

The last twelve months have proved that when you or your loved ones go into a care home, a first-class telephony service is one of the highest priorities within the growing Health and Social Care Sector. As a VoIP Reseller, you can be confident that a VIP VoIP telephone system will meet the ever-increasing demands put on Care Homes, including the high standards required to meet Care Quality Commission (CQC), targets. Families will be able to stay connected 24/7 even when they are being kept physically apart, and our ability to provide low-cost telephone numbers for resident rooms means privacy and dignity is maintained for all Care Home users.

Improve Business Functionality

VIP VoIP telephone answering systems are also a fantastic product for call centres, and as a VoIP Reseller, you can be confident that the product you supply will exceed client expectations. Our superior Call Centre System technology will provide real-time performance monitoring, click to dial function from CRMs and management reporting dashboard facilities for a wide range of data to help improve business execution.

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So, if you are VoIP Reseller looking for industry-specific telephone system solutions, that provide first-class functionality for your clients, you should contact VIP VoIP here or call our friendly and expert team on 03300881182.


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