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Category: Telecoms

2 Voip phones with the EU data protection logo in the middle
VoIP and Data Protection
11th February 2021 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

If you have a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone system, then it falls under certain data protection regulations.   GDPR came into force in May 2018, and even though the UK is now not an EU member, there is little change to core data protection principles under UK data protection law.     Personal
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Are traditional landline phones a thing of the past
Are Traditional Landline Phones A Thing Of The Past?
21st January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Bearing in mind it was announced in 2015 with little fanfare, you will probably be surprised to know that BT are going to switch off all of their ISDN phone lines by 2025! Fear not though, in this blog will explain what is going to happen and answer the question; Are traditional landline phones
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voip in the 2020s
VoIP In The 2020s
7th January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Happy New Year everybody, it is a brand-new decade and it promises to be an interesting one for the communications and technology sector. Let’s get our crystal ball out and have a look at what is in store for VoIP in the 2020s. The Rollout Of 5G Technology We wrote about the benefits and
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voip services for the nhs
VoIP Services For The NHS
5th November 2019 Reseller Guides,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

VoIP technology is increasingly being used by many types of industries, so this week we are going to look at VoIP Services for the NHS. VoIP Technology During the past few years, VoIP technology has been integrated more and more into the NHS. The flexibility and functionality it offers is particularly suited to the busy
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international internet day
International Internet Day: VoIP And The Internet
28th October 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

It is International Internet day on the 29th October, so we thought we would take some time this week to look at the history of VoIP and the internet. How Old Is VoIP? It would be easy to assume that VoIP is as old as the internet, but it is actually much older than you
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Latest VoIP News August
Latest VoIP News: August 2019
24th August 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  The world of VoIP and business telephony is fast-moving and constantly evolving, against a background of general technical change in the world of communications. Here we look at the latest VoIP news, and what developments there are on the horizon. 5G and VoIP Currently, smartphones and mobile devices are in the forefront of technological
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Can I get a business phone without a lengthy contract
Can I Get A Business Phone System Without A Lengthy Contract?
20th June 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Long contracts, who needs them? More and more people now object to the idea of lengthy contracts and hate the idea of being tied into a product or service – especially if the solution doesn’t work for them. It’s the same when it comes to phone systems for business – you probably don’t want
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voip reselling
Is VoIP Reselling A Good Option For An IT Agency?
12th June 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  In this blog, we’re going to look at how IT agencies amongst other companies, can benefit from VoIP reselling. Why Are So Many Businesses Switching To VoIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fast-growing trend in the communication sector. The phone system uses the internet to make and receive phone calls and has
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Reduce costs of business phone calls with voip
How to Reduce the Cost of Business Phone Calls with VoIP
20th May 2019 Business,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Do you want to reduce the cost of business phone calls? The single most expensive part of a traditional phone system is the minutes you use making business calls. VoIP works in a completely different way as telephone calls are treated as data and passed through your IP network. And as broadband is, for
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common telephone scams
Honesty Day: Common Telephone Scams
30th April 2019 Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

Honesty Day is a national day in America, on 30 April, but it also marks the perfect opportunity to look at common telephone scams that can have a global impact, and that affect businesses here in the UK. While some forms of scamming are based on long-established tactics, others are relatively new. This makes it
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