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Graphic of people checking the latest telecommunications round-up
Telecommunication Round-up
9th June 2021 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

Telecommunications take in a broad range of communications media, providing users with many different options. These options are transforming how we work, shop, spend our leisure time and, generally, how we live. As this technology keeps changing and advancing, it’s vital to keep up to date with the latest developments in telecommunications. Here’s our round-up
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Man stood next to screen with red paint brush
White Label Services
20th November 2020 Business,News,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

Should IT Operators Offer White Label Services? When IT operators provide reseller options, these are normally white label services. What white labelling does is enable the reseller to apply their own branding to customer-facing aspects of the platform they are providing. By offering white label services, IT operators are supporting other enterprises at the same
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Taxi with a man stood next to it on the phone
How do Taxi Operators Manage Calls?
20th November 2020 Business,News,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

Managing calls quickly, effectively and efficiently is essential for taxi operators. This is a competitive marketplace where poor customer experience can mean a loss of future business. In this joined-up digital age, bad reviews can spread like wildfire, with serious implications for your profitability and long-term growth. As a call management solution, VoIP offers excellent
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A woman sat a a desk working from home talking to someone on a video chat
The Future of VoIP
6th November 2020 Business,News,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

  The future of VoIP is closely connected to how the world of work is changing. Covid-19 has forced many businesses to alter and adapt their working practices. But it has also accelerated changes in working patterns and life that were already underway.   VoIP supports and enables these changes. It is flexible, adaptable, and
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Debunking 5G Myths - A mobile phone with a 5G logo on the screen
Debunking 5G Myths
14th October 2020 Business,End User Guides,News VIP VoIP Website Admin

  For many people, there was already an invisible threat to the population long before COVID-19 broke out. And this invisible threat was 5G. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the sheer volume of myths and conspiracy theories about 5G seemed to have spiralled out of control. In this blog, we’re going to be
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voip and the Iot
VoIP & IoT (Internet Of Things)
28th May 2020 Business,News VIP VoIP Website Admin

  VoIP and the IoT are set to combine to make life easier for businesses and homes around the world. More of our business processes are going to become automated and free up time and resources for truly great things. But first, let’s get the jargon out of the way.  You can be forgiven for
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VoIP contingency for disasters and Coronavirus
How VoIP Could Help Companies During The Coronavirus Outbreak
10th March 2020 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

We hope that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak won’t be as bad as it is in Italy and China, but over the next few days the government will be announcing further measures to try and contain the spread of the virus. Let’s look at how VoIP could help companies during the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus Latest As
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Are traditional landline phones a thing of the past
Are Traditional Landline Phones A Thing Of The Past?
21st January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Bearing in mind it was announced in 2015 with little fanfare, you will probably be surprised to know that BT are going to switch off all of their ISDN phone lines by 2025! Fear not though, in this blog will explain what is going to happen and answer the question; Are traditional landline phones
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voip in the 2020s
VoIP In The 2020s
7th January 2020 News,Telecoms VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Happy New Year everybody, it is a brand-new decade and it promises to be an interesting one for the communications and technology sector. Let’s get our crystal ball out and have a look at what is in store for VoIP in the 2020s. The Rollout Of 5G Technology We wrote about the benefits and
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VIP VoIP New Year Message
VIP VoIP New Year’s Message 2019
31st December 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

Well that decade went quickly didn’t it? We hope that you have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and that the start of 2020 finds you still in a haze of festive relaxation. The team at VIP VoIP like to spend New Year’s Eve at a club dancing until 2am…who are we kidding, we like
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