Month: January 2021

Month: January 2021

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Can You Use a VoIP Phone When At Home?
22nd January 2021 Business,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) has built a formidable reputation as a dynamic and cost-effective alternative to more traditional workplace phone systems. But there’s nothing restricting the  benefits of VoIP to office use: you can use a VoIP phone from your home.   This liberates you from your landline, and provides you with plenty of
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Does Bandwidth Affect VoIP?
13th January 2021 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Basically, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) works by taking analogue voice signals and converting them into digital signals, sending them as data via your broadband. Because VoIP uses your broadband, the bandwidth of your broadband can affect your VoIP.   VoIP can be a highly efficient and cost effective way of operating your business
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New Year New Phone Solutions
New Year, New Phone Solution!
6th January 2021 Covid-19 VIP VoIP Website Admin

The challenge with New Year resolutions is sticking to them, but a new phone solution for your business could be a resolution with a firm and lasting legacy.   VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, offers so many tangible benefits right from the start.   Whether you’re looking to finally ditch the landline and go
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reselling VoIP to add revenue stream to your business
Adding a New Revenue Stream to Your Business
4th January 2021 Business,Covid-19,Reseller Guides,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

Becoming a VoIP reseller offers excellent opportunities for generating income and building long-term profitability in your enterprise.   This applies to existing and established enterprises as well as start-ups and entrepreneurs. VoIP is a means of adding a new revenue stream to your business.     The Benefits of Diversification   Diversification is a valuable
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