Month: August 2020

Month: August 2020

voip call centers
VoIP For Call Centres
19th August 2020 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

New processes, services and technology are introduced into businesses to make the customer experience better – we live in an age where excellent customer service is seen as the key factor for customers recommending or using a brand again. With advances in technology, the customer journey is continually made better and businesses need to adopt
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Call Centre Wallboard Solutions
Mastering Your Call Centre Wallboard Solution
11th August 2020 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

VoIP Call centres often have a display that both call handlers and managers can see featuring vital call statistics. Known as a wallboard, these stats can be displayed across screens on call centre walls, call handler screens, manager screens and in some cases, on mobile apps. They act as a visual way to display real-time
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Voip In Care Homes
VoIP For Care Homes
5th August 2020 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

VIP VoIP has several solutions that can be perfectly tailored for specific industries, one such industry is the care sector, primarily care homes. If you’re a care home manager or provide services to the care industry, read on to find out why VoIP is an ideal choice for care home settings. Care Requirements Care homes
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