Month: December 2019

Month: December 2019

VIP VoIP New Year Message
VIP VoIP New Year’s Message 2019
31st December 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

Well that decade went quickly didn’t it? We hope that you have exciting plans for New Year’s Eve and that the start of 2020 finds you still in a haze of festive relaxation. The team at VIP VoIP like to spend New Year’s Eve at a club dancing until 2am…who are we kidding, we like
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Vip VoIP Christmas Message
VIP VoIP Christmas Message 2019
24th December 2019 News VIP VoIP Website Admin

We know it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago we were all basking in one of the UK’s brief and rare heatwaves, but yes Christmas Day is almost upon us. We don’t know about you, but here at VIP VoIP we like to have all of our Christmas shopping and preparation done and dusted by
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Why Choose VIP VoIP
Why Choose VIP VoIP?
10th December 2019 Business VIP VoIP Website Admin

  We have written extensively over the past few months about the many positive and innovative ways in which VoIP is and can be used to benefit businesses, but not so much about us! So, this week we thought we would give you some of our history, how we operate and answer the question; Why
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How Secure is VoIP
How Secure Is VoIP?
4th December 2019 Reseller Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

  Historically one of the questions asked about anything internet related, including VoIP is, how secure is it? So, this week we will pre-empt this question that you will more than likely be asked and give you a comprehensive answer to; How Secure Is VoIP? VoIP Data Breaches You may or may not have seen
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