Month: October 2016

Month: October 2016

School of motoring
VoIP Case Study: School of Motoring VoIP System
31st October 2016 VoIP Case study VIP VoIP Website Admin

We operate as booking agents for many other independent driving instructors in the Solent area. We are able to offer very competitive terms for our services because we have invested in internet-based technologies to automate many of our routine administration processes. This enables us to keep our operating overheads very low. Three years ago we
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What is pbx
What is PBX?
31st October 2016 Guide VIP VoIP Website Admin

What is PBX or Private Branch Exchange? It is a telephone system used within a business or organisation that allows for calls between the organisations users on local lines while also allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. For example; a retail shop could use its internal lines to connect
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Troublesome router solutions
Troublesome Router Solutions
31st October 2016 Business,Guide,Troubleshooting VIP VoIP Website Admin

One of the essential components in any VoIP system is the Internet connection. Without a reliable Internet connection, VoIP can quickly become a frustrating experience. Crucial to a reliable connection is the router. This often-overlooked component is the one thing keeping us all online. When it comes to routers and VoIP you tend to get
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