Year: 2016

Year: 2016

VoIP Call Recording Service
VoIP Call Recording Service
12th December 2016 Business,Guide,Telecoms,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

Call Recording With VoIP At VIP VoIP we realise people are not machines. While we all strive to be the best at our jobs none of us can claim to have perfect recall. That’s why having call recording can be essential for getting complete clarity and never missing information. Whether it’s a legal matter that
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Shared Phonebook Service
Shared VoIP Phone Book Service
12th December 2016 Business,Guide,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

A shared VoIP phone book service allow your organisation to maintain a central list of contacts that can be shared with all the phones in your organisation. This greatly reduces the time and hassle spent managing individual contact lists in phones. Updates to the central list are rapidly propagated across your organisation making sure everyone is
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How to escape phone contracts
How to Escape Phone Contracts
24th November 2016 Guide VIP VoIP Website Admin

What can you do if you are tied into a long telephone services contract and you want to change your supplier? Most suppliers would ask you to pay a hefty cancellation charge but you do not have to accept that. Times have changed and Ofcom has becoming stricter with suppliers. You are entitled to switch
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School of motoring
VoIP Case Study: School of Motoring VoIP System
31st October 2016 VoIP Case study VIP VoIP Website Admin

We operate as booking agents for many other independent driving instructors in the Solent area. We are able to offer very competitive terms for our services because we have invested in internet-based technologies to automate many of our routine administration processes. This enables us to keep our operating overheads very low. Three years ago we
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What is pbx
What is PBX?
31st October 2016 Guide VIP VoIP Website Admin

What is PBX or Private Branch Exchange? It is a telephone system used within a business or organisation that allows for calls between the organisations users on local lines while also allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. For example; a retail shop could use its internal lines to connect
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Troublesome router solutions
Troublesome Router Solutions
31st October 2016 Business,Guide,Troubleshooting VIP VoIP Website Admin

One of the essential components in any VoIP system is the Internet connection. Without a reliable Internet connection, VoIP can quickly become a frustrating experience. Crucial to a reliable connection is the router. This often-overlooked component is the one thing keeping us all online. When it comes to routers and VoIP you tend to get
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Language Interpretation
VoIP Case Study: Language Interpretation Service
26th September 2016 Business,VoIP Case study VIP VoIP Website Admin

“We provide language translation and interpretation services for businesses and public agencies. It is a competitive market and we are constantly looking for new ways to differentiate ourselves and to be more efficient. We were looking for a new telephone system to help us. With the VIP VoIP system we can give each of our
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Five things we are doing better than out competitors
VoIP Provider : 5 things we do better than our competitors
26th September 2016 Business,VIPVoIP VIP VoIP Website Admin

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but we are a great VoIP provider and we want you to know why our services are better then the rest. As a small business we pride ourselves on being more adaptable and willing to change to create the right service for our customers. We think it’s particularly
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VoIP User Guide
Basic VoIP User Guide
22nd September 2016 End User Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

This basic VoIP user guide explains how to do routine operations on your telephone system. The basic functions, such as transferring calls, managing voicemail and arranging simple conference calls, are explained thoroughly. If you wish to learn how to set up the more advanced features of the system then we can supply you with a comprehensive system
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Hot Desking Guide
VoIP Hot Desking Guide for End Users
8th August 2016 End User Guides VIP VoIP Website Admin

VIP VoIP Instructions Please follow the simple instructions below to learn how to hot desk using your VoIP telephony system: To log in to Hot Desking – *71XXX For logging in to Call Queue – *73XXX For logging out of all Call Queues – *74 To log out of Hot Desking – *72 Generally, you
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