Business VoIP provider, business VoIP reseller and VoIP dealer

VIP VoIP is a business VoIP provider, business VoIP reseller and VoIP dealer for companies that wish to improve their communication and reduce costs, and is based in Sheffield in the UK.

Why partner with VIP VoIP?

Mainly because you will have the best possible experience at a competitive price and on the most flexible terms.

  • You own your customer relationships – we stay behind the scenes
  • You can apply your own branding to all the customer-facing parts of the platform
  • You can set your own pricing policies
  • You can your set your own retail call rates – which can be customised for individual customers
  • We can bill your customers (in your name) if you don’t want to do it yourselves
  • We are problem solvers. If you have a customer with unusual requirements we will develop the solution
  • You will not be competing with an army of other dealers in your neighbourhood. We are very selective about who we work with and we do not want more than one partner in a town. 
  • We have an enviable customer retention rate of 97% year-on-year and we work very hard with you to keep it that way.
  • You do not have to tie your customers into long-term contracts. They won’t want to leave anyway!
  • We want to help you make money. When your business grows, our business grows.
  • We have a conscience and we care about our relationships

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