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The Future of Telephony

VoIP usage is growing fast. Within 10 years it will be the standard technology for business telephone systems as BT phases out is ageing ISDN services. <br /> <br /> Why should you care? Because VoIP telephone solutions cost less to operate and because they offer more features and much greater flexibility than regular PBX systems with fixed lines. Your numbers will no longer be tied to fixed lines. You can move your numbers wherever you want and you can have as many new numbers as you like with any area codes you like. Read More

How Does it work?

We set up a telephone switchboard for you which runs on a hosted internet server in our data centre. We supply you with a set of new VoIP telephones that connect via your broadband service to the hosted switchboard. All your calls (in and out) are made over the internet connection. Depending on the speed of your broadband service you can make or receive up to 30 calls at the same time with no loss of call quality. That is equivalent to the capacity of 30 standard lines but without the expense of all the line rentals. Your VoIP phones can be used anywhere in the world and they will still make and receive calls on your business number with no extra costs. Read More

What does it do?

Our VoIP switchboard system can do anything that you could possibly want from a telephone system – all for a flat monthly service charge. Play greeting messages to your callers - ring several phones at the same time or in sequence – put callers into a queue – redirect calls to your mobiles automatically when you are out – transfer calls to internal extensions or to mobiles – set up three-way conference calls – record voicemail message and forward these to your email address – record telephone conversations – and more. Read More


Mainly because you will have the best possible customer experience at a fair price and on fair terms. You will almost certainly save money and you will not have to sign a long-term contract. No two businesses are exactly alike so we treat you as an individual. We take time to understand your situation and we give you honest advice about the best way to meet your needs. We then take complete responsibility for providing a working solution for you. We have a “here and now” attitude to solving problems. Whenever you call us one of our team will deal with your call promptly in person with no machines and no queuing. No contract –means that you only stay loyal to us if we serve you properly. Read More

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    We love to promote VoIP, it’s our business, but the reason to promote it isn’t down just to our business but yours as well. We genuinely believe that this is the future of telephony and can provide so many wonderful solutions for businesses, big and small, so that they too can improve their company and

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Get VoIP today Even the very smallest of businesses can now take advantage of sophisticated “big company” call handling features – such as queue management, music-on-hold and automatic responders - without having to spend money on expensive hardware.